Monday, November 20, 2006


My mom collects vintage state plates; I have to admit, it's ridiculously fun to collect state/city plates if you're at all interested in kitcshy Americana. She used to collect only blue and white plates, but as of late, she confided that she loves all colors (red, green and brown are of the most popular, aside from blue).

Lately, at the local Veteran's thrift store, there have been endless state plates. At $3.95 a piece, it would be insane not to snatch them up - in antique stores, they are usually minimum $10. Wouldn't you know, I met my mom in New England this summer; we visited MA, NH, ME and VT. As luck would have it, I found state plates from these four states recently. Can you say, instant Christmas gift with sentimental value? Try finding that at Crate & Barrel, mmmmkay. Bonus: My $12 goes to the VFW.

Bonus for you: I just observed that everything in this photograph has been thrifted at one point: that kitchen nook table? Also $12 (I bought it two years ago - so those really sad water stains are mine - I think I can get them out with mayonnaise?). The chair? Free. It and two others like it were curbed for the trash guys, I just helped myself.

(We've got some before and afters coming, no worries...)


Kat said...

Forget the plates! Love the photography :o)...and that table...meee ow!

Meghan said...

hehe.... that reminds me:

every year around christmas time, my mother, sister, and I go to a family friend's house to have tea.

and when we're at her house, we get to choose a china cup from this huuuuuge rack full of china. it's fun.

i always pick the one with the schooner at the bottom.... it's so nifty watching a pirate ship come out of the tea.



Kate said...

I don't even know where all these stores are! Isn't that sad? Though, it would be kinda weird to go into the Veteran's store and see all sorts of stuff that came from my parents' house... my mom calls them to come get stuff like once a month.

Those plates are so cute. I wish I had character. Thrifting looks like so much fun!

corley said...

My father has national park plates in the same style. I hope to acquire them at some point.