Sunday, November 25, 2007


I hope all of you had pleasant Thanksgivings with your loved ones! In keeping with tradition, I have managed to stay out of the shops this past weekend! I threw a Frisbee, watched the first season of Jericho on DVD, did enough laundry to get me through a few weeks!, had a lovely Thanksgiving spread with my "in-laws", prepared my crafting was great.

I picked up this Pyrex a couple of weeks is sharp! How lucky I am that I find pieces that have little or no use! Speaking of mint conditions, I was in an antique mall last weekend and stumbled upon some Pyrex at outrageous prices! Here, in South Florida! I couldn't believe it. If those prices were true, my collection would put my first born through four years of HARVARD with change to spare!

Now, on to the really unbelievable: I've been keeping Solid Cherry for over a year! To those that faithfully comment and those that just pass through: thank you for going through my things! I love your comments and I love this blog. Of course, Solid Cherry depends on 1) my spare change and 2) luck. Here's to lots of both in the next coming year!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I have a tiny creamer in this pattern that I swore I featured here! But I'm not finding it? Well, let me take its picture then:
There. I guess the patterns are somewhat different, but close enough. Same maker: Syracuse. I paid .99 for the creamer; it's so adorable. I realize it's not exactly in focus. My camera was, erm, focusing on the wine it seems! :) All in all, the cupless saucers were a charming find...I love stacks and stacks of dishes in varying diameters. These will go well with my little medium (fine!) GROWING plate collection!