Sunday, November 25, 2007


I hope all of you had pleasant Thanksgivings with your loved ones! In keeping with tradition, I have managed to stay out of the shops this past weekend! I threw a Frisbee, watched the first season of Jericho on DVD, did enough laundry to get me through a few weeks!, had a lovely Thanksgiving spread with my "in-laws", prepared my crafting was great.

I picked up this Pyrex a couple of weeks is sharp! How lucky I am that I find pieces that have little or no use! Speaking of mint conditions, I was in an antique mall last weekend and stumbled upon some Pyrex at outrageous prices! Here, in South Florida! I couldn't believe it. If those prices were true, my collection would put my first born through four years of HARVARD with change to spare!

Now, on to the really unbelievable: I've been keeping Solid Cherry for over a year! To those that faithfully comment and those that just pass through: thank you for going through my things! I love your comments and I love this blog. Of course, Solid Cherry depends on 1) my spare change and 2) luck. Here's to lots of both in the next coming year!


Julie said...

I have been waiting to see your next purchase! Another great peice! Have you been to Mount Dora in central Florida for antiquing? It is just plain wonderful...HUGE!

Cynthia said...

You always luck out with incredible pieces and great prices. I know what you mean about the antiques store prices. I love to go look and drool. Congratulations on one year and many more to come!

Lauren said...

Here's to you and your blog!