Friday, November 17, 2006

solid cherry

Two thrifters, both alike in dignity,
In fair South Florida, where we lay our scene,
From Pier 1 Imports break to second-hand dreams,
Where thrifting makes civil hands unclean (trust us).

From forth the spare coins of these two heroes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers change their life...

I was completely prepared to do the entire prologue, but forget it.
You get the picture.
And besides, this is no tragedy.

Back in June, we (Madge & Steve) moved in together after having dated for a substantial period of time. Skip ahead a couple of months and two burglaries later, and we had to move our nest. We took the opportunity to also build our nest, as it was lacking in some areas. We didn't have a lot of cash to buy new, so we considered our options. And that is how we became die-hard thrifters (oh hell, who am I kidding? I've been thrifting since the fourth grade). We like quality. We like made-well. We like the thrill of a hunt. We love to thrift. Steve has immaculate vision when it comes to the big stuff (i.e. furniture), and I have decent vision when it comes to smaller things (i.e. housewares). I'm a shy bargainer, but I am really good at getting Steve to bargain. He is really good at bargaining.

Steve loves E-Bay, I hate E-bay. Losing auctions to tricky last-minute bidders? Shopping should not be so cruel! And what the fuck is up with those INSANE shipping prices?! The deal is awesome, until you have to sell your first-born to get said deal shipped to your house. I have to use all my senses when I shop, and I
hate paying for shipping. For the most part, there will not be E-Bay goods/stories on the Solid Cherry.

Steve loves craigslist, I love craigslist. There
will be craigslist goods/stories on the Solid Cherry.

We haven't done too many garage sales, but they are definitely in the forecast.

And so is the Under $500 section of the Palm Beach Post (don't see $500 and gawk, see way below $500 and grin).

It's hard, really, to say what we will and will not feature on this blog - we do a lot of before and after gigs with what we thrift, but sometimes we don't touch a thing.

Basically, we love to thrift. And we love photography! We hope you like to watch.

Also, what is the significance of Solid Cherry you ask? Are we perma-virgins or something?


My desk is solid cherry. It cost $35. $35! Total thrift score. It does need some TLC. You'll see.


Kat said...

*tickled* with excitement :o)
I love bargains and don't do enough thrifting. Bring it on Girly!

(ps...I love ebay and have gotten many good deals including just requires tons o patience and being-yes i am- one of those tricky last minute buyers!)

corley said...

My heart bubbled over with nerdy glee with your introduction.

Madge said...

Kat - Steve is the king of Ebay. He just asked me if we could put Ebay scores here - I think I'm going to allow it. :) I sound like I wear the pants, don't I?

Corley - awwww, nerds unite!

Lauren said...

I heard the guy from those HBO specials about prostitutes in my head while reading the intro. It was very cute. For some reason the prostitute shows always do the Shakespeare thing.

Also my dad has a life long friend, his name is Mac. Mac is a collector of fine things such as vintage Shwinn bicycles (he has at least 30+), classic guitars (he has one signed by Jimi Hendrix) and other such things. When he likes something, or something is in great condition even though it is old, or has been restored to peak perfection he says that it is, "Cherry!"

Solid Cherry works on SO many levels! It is SO clever!

Meghan said...

have you ever watched "Cash in the Attic" on the BBC?

for some reason, you reminded me of that show.


ps. "solid cherry".... ah, laughter ensues

Kate said...

Boo!! I can't read all this in the 3 minutes I was given to get outside and into the truck and on my way to Gardens for Sunday dinner! But I am glad I no longer get the "you are not invited" message when I click here

Kate said...

This just reminded me of the time a friend and I did a performance of that prologue to the tune of a weird old song about a little Nash Rambler (beep beep!) in front of our English class... ah, I miss being a weird little kid.

I can't wait to learn about thrifting from you. I don't do it because it scares me, but I'm going to need to furnish a house sometime soon and with the mortgage we'll have, I know I won't be able to buy anything new...

And I love love love the photography.