Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Of course, the thrift shops are closed today, as they should be.

I'm *not* going to go shopping on Friday.

I would rather bake, photograph, do projects, paint, write, bike, walk.

(I am doing my best to make my holiday gifts and to buy resale).


Kat said...

Buy nothing day? Is that possible? Not even from the Dollar Store?

Spinning Girl said...

I painted my shed!

corley said...

I had to buy gasoline and cigarettes, but there were no lines at the Major Brand Gas station at 5am. You're likely to get shot in that neighborhood at 5am.

I am with you in the buy/make category. How long do you think cookies keep in the freezer? If I make them now, can I defrost the Christmas Eve?

What about chocolate covered marshmellows? They shouldn't go bad when well sealed and un-refridgerated - right? I'd ask Lauren, but she doesn't bake often.

kimberlina said...

i LOVE buy nothing day!

well...... for myself. instead, i sold things at a craft show. hahaha!

though, to be honest, i would much rather have been at home relaxing. shopping on black friday is a little too intense for me.