Friday, December 1, 2006


Sometimes you can go thrifting without ever leaving your house.

Steve and I were desperate to thrift the perfect dresser for our clothes; we spent a lot of time looking for a piece of furniture that was both functional and quality and with deep enough drawers to fit two people's clothes - we didn't necessarily want a thousand drawers, just deep ones.

We never found that perfect dresser. Anyone that donates a dresser to the Goodwill expunges it from their home for good reason: it is really, horribly ugly and made of cheap-ola materials.

The people that used to live in the house we rent were both disgusting and stupid. It is for those two reasons that we got incredibly awesome rent and a dresser. Their nastiness is a better suited tale for my other blog. But their stupidness belongs right here at the Solid Cherry.

They too must have needed drawer space. In the closets, they spaced the pine boards you see in this picture with cinder blocks, creating the function of shelves and the wobbliness of master idiots. One night, when I was watching CSI Miami or something (David Caruso creeps me out like a train wreck), Steve had the idea to take these boards and use them to make a bookshelf. When he finished, he said something like, "Wow. What do you think if we used this for a dresser?"

Voila! We now have a dresser of sorts.
It is bolted to the wall - extra sturdy-like.

Also, will you please compliment my folding skills? Can you tell I used to work in retail for seven years? And please notice the extravagant number of T-shirts - they are collected from my two years as a full-time volunteer (Solid Cherry tip! If you are poor and need T-shirts, consider volunteering at race events, city/county/state environmental clean-ups, and other community events in your area - they're always good for free T-shirts) and my days of running 5Ks.


.veronica. said...

Loves it. This is a great idea for when I move to Eugene :)

Spinning Girl said...

I am MOVING IN! Great folding. If you ever want your stuff hidden, you can put some wicker baskets on the shelves. For your naughties & such.

Lauren said...

Your folding is incredible. How do you get it so flat? Wow! And I am so impressed with the carpentry work! Horray for homemade thrift finds!!!

kimberlina said...

will you fold my clothes, please?

seriously - do you keep your clothes this nicely folded at all times?

i am striken with many feelings: incredulity, amazement, jealousy, wonder, awe, curiousity, disbelief and envy.

i run through all of this in the span of 1/20th of a second when i look at your photograph.

Madge said...


It only lasted a couple of days. Don't worry.