Wednesday, January 17, 2007


There's a lot going on in this picture - what was thrifted? That armoire? No (although we didn't pay for it; it was a hand-me-down)! Do you see those speakers, resting on the two chairs? Yes. Those were thrifted. They work wonderfully. Steve is a bit of a sound system freak. If this was our house and not our rented home, you can be sure we'd have a far more intricate system coming out of the ceiling...

Also, a few years ago, I got my first solo apartment in Florida. I had a budget of about $20 for furniture. With that, I bought a wooden table (which I still have + love) and a stand-alone cabinet. The apartment was so small; there was no room for a couch - hardly my bed! I inherited a couple of bright yellow vinyl chairs from Steve (we still have one to keep our sense of humors amused), but I needed more chairs. Some seating. One night, I was coming home from the grocery store and lo and behold, those two chairs you see holding the speakers were on the curb. Garbage day in Florida yields some particularly good things. I loaded them in my little Corolla and they've been part of my things ever since. The feeling of finding them was such a high - one of my best scores.


Lauren said...

Is there anything more satisfying that getting something really great out of the garbage?

My motto for life: Everything is better when it is free!

Kat said...

That armoir is stunning!!!!!!!