Thursday, January 18, 2007

.95 x 3

I found 3 of my Great Grandma Didi's dishes while thrifting not too long ago; three little bread/salad plates. Here are the details: Myott, Made in England (fine Staffordshire ware), in the "Forget Me Not" pattern. They were just waiting for me. It was a great find.

I think one of the reasons I thrift is because it connects me to people I know but don't know...

Bonus: the little easel holding up the plate belonged to my grandma - my dad's side of the family - a woman I think a lot of when I'm out thrifting. She had a violet bathroom. Yes. Everything was purple! Except the toilet. ;)

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Lauren said...

At the city-wide garage sale I bought a set of dishes similar to these. They are the newer less dainty version. Plus they have birds.