Saturday, February 3, 2007


I buy a lot of books at thrift stores and I never post them here because I just don't for some reason. There's a Salvation Army store that sells hardcovers for a quarter and paperbacks for a dime - awesome prices! Used books should be that cheap everywhere! Anyway, today I bought 4 hardcover books and all of them are really more for decoration than for reading...all of them have copyright dates 1947 or previous. When they're looking righteous (did I just use that word?) I will post them.

Until then, enjoy this pulpy romance novel. Poor, poor Barbara.

Also, on the back of this book are other titles from the same publisher (Triangle Books, ca. 1943). In a hot, steamy voice kind of way, let me share them with you:
  • Airman's Wife
  • Cabin Fever
  • District Nurse
  • The Foolish Virgin
  • Impatient Virgin
  • Private Duty
  • Professional Lover
  • Secret Marriage
  • Student Nurse
  • Younger Sister
One can only imagine the hits I'll get!


Lauren said...

That is so awesome! Do you find any readable books at the Salvation Army? I like to buy books at Goodwill. Hardbacks $3.99 and soft back $2.99. I found a Goodwill store where everything is half off. I didn't know it exhisted. Kyle told me about it but it was to late. They are closing down in a couple of days! :(

Madge said...

As far as readable, only a few. I picked up Kay Gibbons' Ellen Foster on a separate trip, which I've been meaning to read in forever.

Most of my readable books come from the Veteran's store (always in excellent condition, no more than $2) and Goodwill - although in FL, the prices are cheaper. Hard covers are $1.59, soft covers are .79. In Portland, books were individually priced! I bought one for $5 - it seriously broke my thrifting heart.

Junniper said...

Impatient Virgin

That sounds like a page-turner!