Thursday, March 15, 2007


This is probably the single most fabulous thing I have ever thrifted. It is so fabulous, in fact, I haven't quite decided how to use it (you probably recognize some of those things on the shelves, no? This is where I keep my mom's plates I find for her collection, and other little homeless do-dads). I am a rotator by nature - I don't like to keep things the same for too long, so anything I put in here won't be the last word. I think someday when my white pottery collection is big enough, this would be a fine place to store it. I also thought, since it is in the kitchen nook, I could put some pantry dry goods in here - cans, glass jars filled with bulk foods, etc. I like showcasing my vintage tablecloths here, so they might stay for awhile.

Bonus: The glass doors are wavy! And the paint is such a great color I am definitely not going to touch it. Ever.

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Lauren said...

what does it say on the bottom?