Sunday, April 1, 2007


I still have a nice amount of things left to share from last Monday's thrift score, but they are waiting in line to have their picture taken. Today, while transplanting a bougainvillea from one shady part of our yard to full sun, I unearthed this little glass jar. So many things I've found in this yard! Even if it is nothing special, I'm going to clean it up and find a use for it...

Speaking of found - I want to give you two updates with regards to other things found around the property...first, my portable flower box. You can hardly even see what it is now!

And remember my rescued bull frog? His bull frog fro is growing nicely (please pardon the unswept deadheads!):
...So I went a little crazy with the lavender impatiens, but they do so well in Florida during this season! I have a lot of herbs growing too; I will share them soon because some of them were planted in thrifted pots!


MsLittlePea said...

Bullfrog looks so happy to be useful!

Lauren said...

I'm excited to see all this things waiting in line. Are you giving them little combs and mirrors to prepare like school picture?

My favorite is the tool box! It looks really good.

Oh! I think your glass jar would be way cool if you rapped a little wire around it and hung it up. Maybe you could put a candle in there or something like that.