Sunday, May 27, 2007


I said to Steve today, "I think I have a new thing to collect." He turned white and fell over. Just kidding! But I do have something new that I'm looking out for (and that I have been, actually). Retro jack-o-lanterns!

There's a story in all of this. Steve and I have the same birthday, October 29. It's close to Halloween, so, how can I not love jack-o's? Pumpkins are symbols of birthdays to me - and Fall, my favorite time of year. In fact, this very jack-o-lantern was made 10/15/1979, mere days before my birth (does that mean I'm retro?!). So it's a little kitschy, but I'm smitten for his toothy grin.

As we're in the process of moving, pardon the mess!


Lauren said...

That seems like a fun collection. I know/am related to so many people with October birthdays it is unbelievable. Right around the end of September it starts getting hectic with people's events.

lepetitdoodler said...

: D