Monday, February 4, 2008



I mentioned earlier that I had a horrible time thrifting in January. I know you know the feeling; isn't it the worst? The unlucky streak ended on February 1st. I'd been putting off errands all day because I had so many things to do at home, but when I finally got out, I decided to go to my favorite shop right before it closed on my way home from the bank (phew, that was wordy and I'm afraid it doesn't even make much sense!). I almost missed these; not because they were hidden but because I was so deflated from my bad luck that I think it ended up affecting my vision. But I spied something pink and white, and then zeroed in on this set -- all nesting together. I picked them up like an Oscar winner that no one predicted, a come-from-behind winner, the type that gets to the stage and cries, or can't think of anything to say aside from "Thanks MOM." I then cradled them close to my chest until I came back to Earth and paid for them.

There's something about pink Pyrex.

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Corley said...

The woman I babysit for has these. I noticed them last weekend an told her that I had a friend who loved pyrex, and these coordinated bowl were the best. How awesome that they are here now!