Sunday, August 31, 2008

a present

gift from mom

I think one of the greatest things that has happened since I began collecting Pyrex was when family and friends started looking out for me when they´d go thrifting. My mom found this piece for me; it´s in excellent condition and the pattern is a new favorite. Black and white looks good with anything anytime of year, but I think I´ll find some bright orange candies to fill it with come the Hallowe´en season! It seems like something a cool witch would have in her home. ;)


Cynthia said...

I have these one in the divided dish with the lid. I love it and use it during October. Love all your new finds and gifts!

Vonlipi said...

Don't you think it kinda looks like barbwire? Mine gives me the heebeegeebies....but I never thought of using it in October!