Friday, September 26, 2008

$5 plus shipping

chop chop

Steve is addicted (yes, Steve; you are!) to Goodwill´s online auctions. Usually, he´s winning obscure camera parts but he looks out for me, too. He found this solid-as-a-rock paper cutter for me us last week and it arrived yesterday. The size of the thing (8.5¨ x 8.5¨)is pure delight - wonderful for getting straight cuts on those smaller, slippery papers. I love it! The plastic behemoth paper cutter at my job doesn´t even come close to the quality of this little vintage baby.

ingento paper cutter


Vonlipi said...

That paper cutter is very cool indeed.You are lucky that Steve bought it so everybody in the household can use it....My cuts are always UN-precise!

Cynthia said...

Would love to have one of those. I didn't know Goodwill had on line auctions. Where have I been?!? Have a great day!

Junniper, MPA said...

That's a pretty fun find. I could totally put that to use.

And I didn't know Goodwill had online auctions, either. That sounds like trouble!

Lauren said...

I have a crappy plastic job. It sucks pretty hard. I'm so jealous.