Sunday, March 1, 2009


I never ever ever ever use eBay because I'm just not wired for the stress of competitive shopping (and those shipping rates = no thank you). We lost an auction last night for a little camper (Florida weekend getaways, eventual Oregon getaways, le sigh) and I, being the sore loser I am, belly-flopped onto our bed and cried like a baby. Maybe more like a toddler. It was that bad.

How do you deal with eBay defeat? Other than avoiding it or throwing tantrums over it like me?


Vonlipi said...

If you didn't win, it wasn't meant to be. And you'll get a much better one in the end.

You have to be zen to deal with the Ebay hoopla. The worst is when nobody bids on my stuff :(

Julie said...

I refuse to do the auction ones...I only do BUY NOW on Ebay...for just this reason...I can't take the loss.