Sunday, March 28, 2010




I have always adored the Made in Germany Waechtersbach Christmas pattern. Always!  I grew up with one single piece of it that my mom brought out at Christmastime - a mug.  It was my favorite mug because it said 1979 on it, my birth year, and because it long kept my cocoa hot.  When I see the pattern now, and I know you can still buy it new in department stores, I get happily nostalgic.

Now, I've been scouring the thrifts and for the first time in months, this purchase is one I'd actually consider a score.   I found both bowls at a Goodwill, bottom shelf (I'm adding bottom shelf since I now have a belly; bending down is like an Olympic sport and mine was a gold medal performance).  There were two other pieces: a cupcake stand and a tray, but both were chipped beyond my liking.  Since it was "Christmas," both pieces were half price.  So the total came to a whopping five bucks and change.  Woohoo!


Julie said...

How great was this? I was at the Goodwill in Riviera Beach/USI and they had a lot of Christmas stuff last week...actually had a LOT of stuff, period! Must be all the spring cleaning going on!!! Perfect for us!

madge said...

Oh, I was at that Goodwill a few weeks ago (but turned up nothing)! I found these at the one in Delray/US1.

Julie said...

My Mom, and one friend and I are diehard Goodwill fans!!!