Saturday, March 20, 2010

give me liberty

I remember the first time I learned of Liberty; I was thirteen and somewhere on the East Coast with my mom.  We were touring material shops in the Northeast and one of our stops was like a Liberty warehouse.  The prints on their own were plenty charming, but the feel of the cotton mesmerized me!  I didn't have enough spending money to buy any yardage, but I'm glad I didn't - the memory alone is worth enough.  And now as you probably know, Liberty is at Target!  Glee!  I only wish it were a permanent fix.


Julie said...

This fabric is just splendid! I must check it out online!!! Thanks for showing!

lepetitdoodler said...

love, love, love Liberty. i bought some liberty print jammies from tarjay the other day. animating in the garage is much more glam when i wear them... :)