Sunday, May 23, 2010



Pyrex!  I so love this pattern; it reminds me of a matter of lovely things, but especially, for some reason, the wheat reminds me of my Great Grandma Didi. She is quietly in the background of many of my childhood memories.  She was too cute.  Just like this.


Leslie said...

I love it! Is it a creamer? You always have such wonderful finds.

madge said...

I think so; a giant, over-sized creamer! Thanks for commenting! :)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Isn't it great that something so small, cheap, and dare I perhaps say, tacky; can jolt you back in a time capsule to the very time you were with your Great Grandma Didi -- amazing! You never know what you might see, or do; that will take you back to a greater time.

I like that thought.