Wednesday, July 28, 2010

at home

I think it’s fair to say I’m loving motherhood!  George is such a dear!  Here are some photos:

george 034c  

george 291b

george 122b

He’s now six and a half weeks old! 

I have gone to *one* thrift shop since I had him and was only in it for fifteen minutes, but I did score a juicy piece of Pyrex!  I haven’t taken a photo of it yet…but I will soon.  My camera is a bit distracted by this little fellow, if you can imagine!

Looking forward to getting back here and checking out your blogs…

Stay tuned friends! xoxo


Julie said...

How cute is this boy??? OMG! Those dimples are devine!!! Such a cutie muffin!!! I can see why your camera is distracted!!!!!

Glad you got to thrift for a few minutes, and you found something too??? Yeah! Can't wait to see!!!

Enjoy that sweet baby!!!!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Adorable!!! Dimples galore :-)

Amy said...

Ooooh dimples! He is soooo cute! I know how those first few months are. I was lucky if I got to shower during the day, let alone shop!

BTW, I have finally figured out that the best time to go to world thrift is in the late afternoon. It is too much of a mad house in the morning and everyone is so pushy! It is pretty quiet in the afternoon, so you can browse much better. I have such a love/hate relationship with that place. LOL! BUT they do have the most pyrex and the best vintage sheets and tablecloths, which is what I love! Take care!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Oh my goodness, I'm having a baby moment. George is so lovely. I can almost smell that fresh baby smell. Mmmm.
The stress and sleepless moments eventually fall away. I remember those early days so vividly - all that laundry! Just enjoy every moment, because they come and go so quickly.
Nice to know you're out thrifting for Pyrex again. Eventually, you find yourself wanting to get out of the house, so you may find yourself thrifing more than you used to.
A few of us Pyrex loving thrifty women are starting a communal Pyrex blog, which of course, you must be involved in as and when you are ready.

Look after yourself. It looks like George has a great "hands-on" daddy. Love that!

Madge said...

Julie- Enjoying this sweet baby and then some!

Thrifted- Galore!

Amy- I am so with you! I have a love/hate thing with World Thrift myself. It's many times can you get rammed by someone else's cart before you go insane!!? :)

Toronto- He smells quite yummy! Thanks for your kind words. Let me know more about this Pyrex blog when you have a chance!

P. said...

He is just adorable! Congratulations on your sweet, dimply cutie-pie!

Mom Walds Place said...

LOVE that smile!!!