Sunday, August 22, 2010

kicking it


That’d be me, kicking back and relaxing (I wish – this was taken a couple of years ago)!  My toes are pointed toward a photograph (silver-gelatin printed I might add) of an old man with a very wrinkly forehead.  We picked that up from a Goodwill a couple of years ago.  He’s still with us, only in our bedroom! 

I hit a Goodwill Boutique today and there was nothing worth taking home!  Blast!  However, last weekend, we did scoop up a piece of furniture from a Goodwill and I’ll share it soon, I just haven’t taken a photo of it quite yet…

All things thrift:  I am feeling very thrifty and interested in tackling the complicated art of couponing.  I know, I know:  it’s not that complicated, but it sure seems like it!  I’m ready to head to the store this evening (baby George permitting) with my coupons in tow.

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Julie said...

I know I should start couponing as can really save if you learn how to do it all...there are websites that tell you how to combine coupons with sale items, etc. adn sometimes I've heard they can owe you a few cents BACK if you play your cards right!!! That would be cool!