Friday, August 12, 2011


(Can't find my camera's battery charger, so...this was taken with my Droid's Vignette app.)

I am lucky, lately, finding hand painted treasures.  This happens to be a tiny one - 4" square at the most - the back is signed by a George Glenn and dated 1945.  "Maple Sugar Time, Quebec."  If I could jump into the canvas, I would.  Art transporter!  Let's see if we can't create one of those.


Victory Garden Yarn said...

Cuuute! Boyfriend and I are always searching for things just like this but finding a piece that has actually been painted, with paint, by a real hand-it's so hard!

I love that it's teensy tiny... :)

Vonlipi said...

As soon as I say the painting I knew it was from somewhere in Québec! This is the quintessential Québec old time architecture; and sugar shackinh? Well I'm so there baby! Yummy!