Friday, February 24, 2012

at home

Popping in to share another source of inspiration...checked out via my public library.  And let's ooh and ahh over the cover.  I know...for most of you, this book is very old news!  Let's look at that the cover:  at HOME.  That's usually where I am.  But some of my rooms need help, and I think I promised more than once to share the progress of moving into our place -- which will have been a year ago very soon -- so I'm working on that.

Folks, I haven't purchased anything secondhand in way too long.  Well, let me take that back: I got some denim earlier this week at one of my favorite thrifts.  A departure from my usual loot -- which, by the way, is impossible to find (sad!).

I should be here more frequently and might move things around a bit.

Hope you've all been well. xoxo


Julie said...

I saw some pyrex bowls in PERFECT condition at Thrift World over on Federal in Lake Worth, about 5 days ago. Have you been there? It is so awesome!!!

There was two sets of 3 nesting bowls.

Madge said...

That's where I was! Alas, those bowls must have already been snatched up! It's my fave thrift...I live about five minutes away! Good to be in touch, Julie!