Monday, December 11, 2006

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I don't know the technical term for these glass domes, but I love them. Usually they come with wooden plates (that I assume are for cheese), but I don't know what one calls the complete set. Enlighten me.

I, however, prefer the glass dome on its own; I only have one of these domes so far, but they're always at the Goodwill. I thought about collecting them in various shapes/sizes; I have only seen them in the size and shape identical to the one I have - not that I couldn't have more, but I like variety.

What to use them for? I'm not sure; the glass is so beautifully thick and heavy...

Anyway, something to collect. And use.


Lauren said...

I always thought they were to put cakes under?

kimberlina said...

those domes are also good to make terrariums!

i've always wanted to make one. one day i'll find the time (or won't kill my plants)...

terrariums are beautiful. :)

or you could trap a mouse and let jane & d. sergei have fun w/o the death. just the cruelty, which you will also participate in. they will love you for it!