Friday, December 15, 2006


I am really happy with the progress of my new blog.

That said, I will be sad to neglect Solid Cherry for the next coming weeks while I'm on holiday in Portland. I will not be actively thrifting while I'm there. 1) It is competitive!, and 2) thrifting in Florida is better (lots of old folks live in Palm Beach County - this is good for thrifting, but not for driving). Besides, my favorite thrift store, the St. Vincent de Paul store formerly on the corner of SE Holgate and 82nd AVE in Portland is no longer (hasn't been for some time now).

But I do have some non-photograph posts in mind if I have the patience to battle dial-up, so keep coming back! Or if you would rather wait, I will see you next year!

Cheers + be safe!

edit 12/18: get your thrifting fix at foolish girl


Meghan said...

you'll be in Portland this weekend? whoa.... me too.


Meghan said...

... and if i get my way, i'll be in portland again this weekend.

and i (almost) always get my way.