Wednesday, December 6, 2006


You might remember this from my other blog, but I wanted to repost here, from another angle. In fact, it's not the only thing thrifted in this picture; the basket was thrifted ($3.95) and the chair in the upper right corner was from an E-bay auction ($15.00).

This rug was thrifted via craigslist - and it was such a positive experience. Each time I am sitting in the living room I say "I love you, rug." I do. It is horrible to be attached to things, but this is just such a treasure to me (and Steve would agree).

Backstory: The rug was in a family for decades; it was purchased in Spain by the owner's parents, and the owner was moving and updating her look. She originally wanted $80, but discussed it over with her mom and lowered the price significantly. We didn't even ask her to do that; we approached her early in the week with interest, and when we revisited the idea of buying it, we asked again if it was still available. Oh, yes. And for $60 less!

Bonus: There are absolutely NO stains - it even has a piece of protective padding underneath it (included with purchase of the rug), in excellent condition.

For fun: A woman telling her true age is like a buyer confiding his final price to an Armenian rug dealer. - Mignon McLaughlin, Chicago Tribune 13 Sep 64. (Bartleby)


MsLittlePea said...

Love it! Very jealous! Love your blog too-glad I found it!

Lauren said...

Can I steal your idea and put christmas lights in my fireplace? It is so cute! Are they battery operated?

Madge said...

No! We have unsightly cords all over the place - I have seen the battery-operated kinds lately...

And please feel free to steal. I stole the idea from a picture in a magazine - a bit different, but I made it my own.