Monday, December 4, 2006


Thrifting window treatments is not for everybody. It was not for Steve. I bought these curtains at the Veteran's for $4.95. These are very Madge - I like little florals. I am completely aware that they scream "Yo, Grandma Madge! You smell like cats." It was my original thought that we could put them in the front room where we have wood paneling; they would have been a nice complement to the honey color of the wood. As it is, there are two windows in that front room and the curtains only covered one window. Oh, well. Steve's power of veto won out: he thought they smelled and looked like Grandma Death no matter what. I stashed them away for my craft room.

Here they are up close and personal - but the colors are so pretty, no?:

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Junniper said...

Well you should tell Steve that florals are totally in right now! Florals and that cream and dark red pattern whose name escapes me.