Thursday, January 4, 2007


These cameo earrings were found while thrifting in Portland, OR.

I usually don't even look at jewelry when I thrift (not much of a jewelry girl), but these clip-on earrings looked so perfect. For my refrigerator. I pulled off the clips and they're just waiting to be made into magnets.

Maybe $2.99 is a bit much, but a girl must have a fancy fridge, you know.


Junniper said...

Love them.

I have a pair of cameo earrings and I love them! I actually wear mine as earrings, though! :)

corley said...

Yeah, I would've worn them, but I do wear a little jewelry.

That's a great magnet idea though!

I used to buy magnetic strips w/adhesive on one side to turn my favorite "fortunes" into magnets. The best? "You'll get more done later if you have a little fun this weekend." It is what inspired me.