Tuesday, January 1, 2008

before & after

Happy New Year!

I hope each of you had a lovely holiday! We have ourselves a clean slate of sorts, don't we? I'm dreaming of a new year full of good finds...what about you?


We're definitely *not* the first people to use salvaged doors as something other than, well, doors. But this door? Steve and I realized this was a door with tabletop possibility. I regret this was the best picture I took of the door before we gave it a new life -- as you can see, it was covered in white paint before we transformed it:


We softened the paint with a heat gun and it peeled off in long, satisfying strips:


After that, we began sanding it and uncovered a solid cypress door:


At this point, we went back and forth between oiling or varnishing it -- we decided on varnishing the top. Skip ahead a few dozen steps that Steve did and voilĂ ! I think it looks sharp, no?


The legs were designed by Steve -- they're lovely, lovely cedar:


And that's what you can do with a door from a salvage yard.


Beeces said...

Wait, how did the panels change directions?

Madge said...

You've a good eye ... they're going in either direction on both sides of the door. Each before picture I took was with the side we didn't end up using...

Julie said...

Very nice! Love this idea. You both done good!

Lauren said...

It looks fabulous!!!

Kat said...

That rocks!