Thursday, January 17, 2008

(before) and after

Another salvaged door Steve turned into a table -- this time, though, it's a desk for me! I didn't manage any before pictures, but please know that Steve spent a lot of time perfecting this table -- as a door, it was in rough shape. As a desk, it is just what I wanted. The height, the length, the width! And the cypress? It is gorgeous. Gorgeous. The legs are pine -- painted white. After much consideration, I decided it was time to ditch a desk with drawers. I'd rather have a table; it promotes less accumulation of stuff.

Speaking of accumulating stuff!, I've been to the thrift stores every single week since the beginning of the year and they are turning up nothing! I think this is because the seasonal, retired folks are down here with nothing better to do than go to my stores. How dare they! (I'm not territorial or anything.) So, I continue to search...and the next time I find lovely Pyrex, I'm going to break into song.


Cynthia said...

Your new desk looks lovely. I am on a search for a new desk also. I can't seem to find exactly what I want. If I could take part of this one and put it with this over here. I'll just have to keep looking. My sweetie is not a handy man and I think refinishing a door may be too over his head. Enjoy your week!

kimberlina said...

you know what, you and steve are absolutely inspiring. *sigh*