Tuesday, January 27, 2009


cold winter weather

Ignore the red sheet with white flowers on it! (It is actually covering a big comfy thrifted chair that we are trying to keep somewhat "nice" and free of paws!)

What is really going on here is that quilt that has enveloped all but Jane's head. I bought it maybe two years ago, but I don't think I featured it. I was unsure of it and thought I spent way too much on it. But I tend to splurge on handmade things. There are stains on the backside and it is not in great condition, but that's the nature of something that has been loved. After handwashing it (or rather, using my machine's handwash feature!), any doubt I ever had on why I bought this is gone. Disappeared. This quilt? It is the warmest, snuggliest blanket you could ever hope to find on a cold night. The print is charming and the material is all once piece (aside from the backing). Not a lot of handiwork, but just enough to be both utilitarian and pretty all at once.

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