Friday, January 16, 2009



Yes. It has been awhile! Hope your holidays were all swell and fine.

Where to begin? I haven't stopped thrifting. But I haven't been buying a whole lot out on my adventures, either. So I thought I would start things back up with a corkscrew that I bought back in August, entirely on a whim.

For a little bit of backstory, let me tell you I hardly know a thing about wines, other than I like them both red and white. I try to spend about $10 a bottle, usually go for something from California, Oregon or Washington; when I'm feeling international, France (which is rare). Prior to *this* corkscrew, I just bought cheap-ola ones you find at grocery stores. Metal, but lacking quality. You know those kind: the classic corkscrews.

Back to August 2008, I am in a Salvation Army with my mom and little sister. Little sister is thoughtfully going through racks of clothes and I am done with that part of it, so I head toward the bric-a-brac. I start picking through kitchen utensils (something I never do) and I pick up this corkscrew. Made in Western Germany. So heavy you would think it could be solid lead. I am sold. And if it doesn't work, no big deal: I'm out thirty-three cents.

But work it does. And it is now an heirloom. Because you have never used a tool that moves so much like butter in your whole life. Drinking wine? Screw it. I am infatuated with opening bottles just to open them. Steve and I fight over it.


Vonlipi said...

OMG welcome back! I cannot begin to tell you how much I missed your tales of thrift!

Don't stay away too long....

Melissa said...

I LOVE when I find something like that- having something that works so well is awesome.

I found this awesome enamel covered cast iron pot at a 2nd hand store. it is now my favorite pot hands down.

Adqueen said...

Where have you been??? You have been missed!