Sunday, February 1, 2009


scottish blanket

Something red hot to start off the month of loooove, cupids, groundhogs and presidents.

I am a little addicted to blankets (see $12) and have been since I was born; I only stopped cuddling with my baby blanket a few years ago. And miraculously, because I don’t know what I would have done otherwise, it remains in one piece. I am indebted to Gladys (RIP Gladys!), the kind neighbor lady down-the-street that crocheted a gender-neutral afghan (pink and blue and white) for my homecoming in late October 1979. Her gift of warmth and comfort has been with me now decades.

Recently, I’ve been on the thrifting prowl for blankets and scored this one (made in Scotland) over the weekend. Tried and approved: it is one warm and cozy new friend. Fabulous, no?


Vonlipi said...

Super find! Is it made of wool?

madge said...