Monday, April 5, 2010



Although I found these two pieces at two different thrift shops, I really think they go together!

I'll start with the grey platter on the left as I have a thing for grey American-made ceramics and because I know a little bit about it!  This is Homer Laughlin "Rhythm" (more info here).  I knew I found something special because I noticed three telling sagger pin marks on the underside of the platter (I blogged about this once before here). I bought it for $2, brought it home, gave it a bath and researched the date code (according to which, this was glazed the old fashioned way in July 1953).  Besides knowing its history, I simply love it for its color and shape.

I know far less about the history of the pink teapot.  It too was $2 and it's Waechtersbach (the same brand as my beloved Christmas score from last week)!  It has significant chunk so I know it will keep my tea nice and hot!  


Julie said...

Oh, goodness...that is the cutest teapot EVER!!!!!

lepetitdoodler said...

bubblegum pink tea pot... omg!