Thursday, August 26, 2010


Furniture!  Furniture!  Woohoo!  We need storage space. It’s a serious issue in our tiny little house.  This piece is now in our dining room and it is, in a word, sturdy.  If it were a person it would be a linebacker.  The top panel actually folds down, like a secretary, only it’s too high for writing.  It’s completely empty at the moment – but I have a lot of plans for it!  The Rothko exhibit poster was thrifted too, a while ago.  You might recognize that tree!  Not every collection I have is thrifted:  see those pretty spines on Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazines.  I covered those other cookbooks with brown craft paper and labeled them with the good ‘ol DYMO label maker
Now I’m interested in thrifting a handsome Saarinen table.  Wouldn’t it look so pretty to the left of this piece…?  Dear Thrifting Goddess!  Help out a girl, would ya?


Thrifted Treasure said...

It's fab, looks in great condition too!

Julie said...

Beautiful...made in the 50's??? Love it!