Sunday, August 29, 2010

too many people! not enough Pyrex.

So I was out and about yesterday, breaking my personal cardinal rule of thrifting: NEVER GO ON THE WEEKENDS! EVER!

There wasn’t a drop of Pyrex to be had at any of my stops, just a lot of rude people cramming aisles.  And there wasn’t anything else for that matter: no sweet little creamers, no bread and butter plates, no furniture, no nada.  I’m getting tired of the no-no-nos!

I’ll try to head to some thrifts this week…when things are quieter. 

Even though I sometimes run into the worst of humanity at my fave thrift spots, I don’t let it get me down for long.  George just won’t let me!


I hope you scored on your thriftscapades this weekend. 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I found a few good things but you still have the best in sweet George! What a doll he is!!!

Amy said...

awwww, he is soooo cute! Yep, I avoid those places on the weekends for the most part. Tuesdays seem to be good!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Just keep those pictures of George coming.

Julie said...

George is so adorable, you can't ever feel bad for long! Those dimples just kill me!!! I'm sure you will find some Pyrex soon! LOL. I thought of you one day when I saw a perfect peice. I should take a pic and put it on my blog and see if you like it! LOL.

kimberlina said...

he's such a freaking cutie! and i love his dresser you guys got for him.

will it stay a dresser, or be repurposed to also be a changing table?