Monday, August 30, 2010

new shelter magazine!


Most of my favorite shelter magazines have long gone the way of the dodo (Domino, House & Garden, Blueprint, Cottage Living, Country Home), but what is this I see?  Oh my heavens, a new shelter magazine coming soon?!!  And doesn’t it look fabulous?  I don’t know about you, but a lot of my thrifty inspiration comes from magazines.

Keep your eyes peeled for this, would you?  Let me know if it turns up in your neck of the woods. 


kimberlina said...

oh, i'm intrigued!!

do you read the nest? thoughts?

i flipped through a copy the other day, it felt like some sort of house mag i should read if i read glamour.

ana said...

that pyrex above is wonderful. such a cool design and in such great condition. pyrex... *dreamy sigh* :)

as for the magazine, i'm intrigued too! and only partially because that sofa looks like a long lost relative to my couch... (not sure if you've read that story)...

lovely things here as always.