Sunday, September 5, 2010




Oh my heavens, I found some Pyrex.  My sister was in town last week, visiting her new nephew, and we decided to make an afternoon of thrifting.  She too collects Pyrex and so I was literally shopping with my competition (she has an awesome collection)!  Not only did she let me have this piece (a pattern called, appropriately, Golden Hearts), she payed for it!  And she even bargained for it (it was marked $12 and because she is so cute she got if for $6).  I tell ya, I have the best sisters!


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Awesome on so many levels. I've never seen this pattern before.
Good job snapping it up. Next time, you and sis might have to arm wrestle for Pyrex. LOL You'd better put this on Pyrex Collective. There will be drool (and not from George this time).

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

This pattern is really cool! Congrats on the find.

Julie said...

How cool is this pattern??? Love it! Nice, nice sister, too, BTW!!! She is a keeper! LOL!

Hey, I saw a the larger and smaller of a 3 bowl set of Pyrex called "Forest Fancies" at the Jupiter Goodwill last week. They were in perfect condition and I thought of you. I love mushrooms and was so tempted to buy them, but just could not justify it, since I just got back to work after 7 months off. I went back to them 3 times!!!

P. said...

Sweet! How nice to have a sister with such great negotiating skills!