Sunday, March 28, 2010




I have always adored the Made in Germany Waechtersbach Christmas pattern. Always!  I grew up with one single piece of it that my mom brought out at Christmastime - a mug.  It was my favorite mug because it said 1979 on it, my birth year, and because it long kept my cocoa hot.  When I see the pattern now, and I know you can still buy it new in department stores, I get happily nostalgic.

Now, I've been scouring the thrifts and for the first time in months, this purchase is one I'd actually consider a score.   I found both bowls at a Goodwill, bottom shelf (I'm adding bottom shelf since I now have a belly; bending down is like an Olympic sport and mine was a gold medal performance).  There were two other pieces: a cupcake stand and a tray, but both were chipped beyond my liking.  Since it was "Christmas," both pieces were half price.  So the total came to a whopping five bucks and change.  Woohoo!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all things george

A baby is on the way, a baby is on the way!  I'm due to have a little boy in June and we're naming him George.  Things may turn a little childish here...!

I am searching the thrifts for this 1970s children's lit was a favorite of mine as a little girl.  I'm hoping to find some to -gasp- tear apart and maybe frame for his nursery (which, by the way, I haven't even started!).  These are the sweetest hippos; their silly stories could make you smile even on your worst day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

all in the family

At least someone in the family is having luck at the thrift shops!  Check out what the older sis has recently scored...!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

give me liberty

I remember the first time I learned of Liberty; I was thirteen and somewhere on the East Coast with my mom.  We were touring material shops in the Northeast and one of our stops was like a Liberty warehouse.  The prints on their own were plenty charming, but the feel of the cotton mesmerized me!  I didn't have enough spending money to buy any yardage, but I'm glad I didn't - the memory alone is worth enough.  And now as you probably know, Liberty is at Target!  Glee!  I only wish it were a permanent fix.



Taking a page from my mom's own book and perfecting the birthday gift that is a bunch of little, thoughtful presents in one big package and using it on her!  Her birthday is approaching in early April and I found this sweet little creamer to put in her package.

It reads, on the bottom, "Made in America."  I like that!  The brand is Lamberton Scammell and through painless detective work I discovered it is an old brand of restaurant ware (also, not very common).

Friday, March 19, 2010

maine reason

I know, I know: what the heck is this doing here?  Oh, I'm dreaming of tote bags and a summer in Maine, that's all!